About Me

Hello! I make games and develop tools for Unreal, Maya and more. I work in all development areas from top to bottom — art to tech, design, audio and more — from early concept to shipping.

I was the Game Director on Creature in the Well and Stonefly at Flight School, and worked on a number of other projects in the games, VR and AR spaces. Previously I was the CTO of Moonbot Studios and co-lead the Moonbot Interactive division. There I worked on an Academy Award-winning animated short film, led the development of the studio’s pipeline from its inception, and developed several other acclaimed apps and small games. I’m currently working at Don’t Nod in Montreal as a generalist programmer.

Though much of my career has been focused in tech — programming, pipeline and tools development — I studied art and animation at Ringling College of Art and Design, and continue to keep creativity and design in focus.

I try to share as much knowledge and open source software as I can to support the community. I strive to innovate in the world of gameplay and art, seeking and solving problems that balance the creative and technical.